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So during my time at uni, I was trying to do stuff outside of that educational art spectrum, and branch out into the real world (boo!) 

I’ve been so lucky with the opportunities that have came out of me applying for things, such as getting my work shown in America (still don’t think this was real 😂) and getting my work put into it’s own show. This wasn’t a first go thing, I persevered quite a lot, and sometimes a little luck comes your way. 

The thing with applying for so many, is that you can sometimes forget that you’ve applied for something..and this happened to me. A magazine is doing it’s second annual issue in September and I found out they wanted me to be apart of it. Yesterday I found out they also wanted to exhibit some of my work alongside 13 others on the opening night too. 

I’m still in shock. I never thought I’d get into that magazine, so much so I’d pushed it to the back of my mind. it just goes to show, that when you’re so close to giving up on yourself, sometimes a little light is shed, just enough for you to see what you’re capable of! 



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A week ago I graduated. I actually did it, can you believe it? three years ago I wouldn’t have thought it, but I managed to work my booty off so hard that I actually completes my degree 🍑🎉

But before all of this, we had to wait for our results about half a month before we graduated. unfortunately I was on holiday when i was due my final results. GOOD point, I was on holiday; bad point, this could play two ways, I get a first or I get a 2:1. I won’t go into too much detail about the grading system, but it was so hit and miss on what grade I needes. My final mark I needed was my grade for all of my research and artwork, worth 80 credits, which is a lotttttttttttt. Basically I needed 75% to get a first……and I got 81.


Couldn’t believe it. Yes I cried. A lot. It made everything I did worth it, and what normal thing would you do when you find out both you and your best friend got a first class honours degree, whilst hey g on holiday.

I got drunk. 


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So it’s been a while again, but I’ve just graduated on Monday, so thought this would be a good time to start my journey through university.
I thought I’d go ahead and get to the best part. Degree show. loved. it. it will be a lasting memory for me on this course. it was a chance to show my family and friends my final work for the first time, work I’ve been fussing over sleepless nights, and many liters of Pepsi max later. it was done.

so here it is, in all its glory:

‘F**k It Yoga’

A basic summary, if the title doesn’t give enough away haha! basically with my back problems I was looking into new age therapies and went round in circles, until I re stepped into the murky depths of yoga. I decided that I wanted my final work, which is so heavily marked, to be fun. a word not usually associated with univeristy. but it was my last chance to just go for it. fuck it.
So I took yoga in it’s most simple form, and dismantled it. made it so awkward and unbearing to look and listen to, that you were constantly transfixed in the space. You wanted to leave but you also didnt.

I used Hand, Ganja and heavy metal yoga. Yeh they’re all a thing. I was just as shocked as you haha! And I just went for it and had fun, and basically enjoyed the last part of my uni experience, which I didn’t expect.

Fuck it.

Final year flurries

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Starting the third year is something that I will remember for a very long time. I was exam. Not to start, but that I can finally start the last leg of this journey. After that I can start a new adventure of my own.

In the first few weeks we always have a meeting with a tutor of my choice. Once we started our first meeting, I had started my art practice which resolved around holograms and 3-D; I know I’ve changed it so much from second year, I have no idea why. My tutor seemed to think the exact same thing.

I got told to change what I did. I was heartbroken, but inside I knew I wasn’t making work that was up to my own standards. I was told to look at my fashion sense (I had a cat t-shirt on) and swap faces, characters ECT That’s what I did, and it was the best thing I ever did.

This is where I believe, I started to find my feet, and guide my way through third year. 

Starting from where we left off..


So I was mid way through my second year of uni the last time I was on here, and I was still struggling to find who I was as an artist. Most of the people in my year had either done that, or were faking it until they make it. 

When I got to the end of second year, I was crippled by how much work I had out into my art, crippled my body and crippled my mind. When getting my Mark, although it was good for most (68 which is a high 2:1) it wasn’t for me, as I felt my effort should have accounted for more. However, I feel this grade really stood out though my third year at uni, and made me realise that I had to enjoy what I make and produce more. 

I finished second year feeling like I was starting to think more into what I’m interested in; therapy. I was ready and prepared to start the final part of this journey.

Amy 🖌

Guess who’s back. Back again 🙈

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It’s been a mad couple of years away! So much has changed in the world, and in my life. I’ve finally finished my Fine Art degree at uni (still yet to find out my grade; 17 days and counting) and I couldn’t feel more relieved. On the opposite end of the spectrum, I’ve bought my own kitten called Ned:

So cuteeeeeeeeeee ❤

I wanted to start this blog again, because to be truthful I’ve missed it. A place to vent, a place to call my second home. And I feel I can use this site as a platform to give a true perspective on the Art world, both from the education scope, but also to Art in the big, wide world. I’m taking a gap year from now, and will be discovering all new things, and so want to start an ‘Art Therapy’ as it were. So I hope you’re all ready for a collection of posts filled with dome juicy inside Art info, worth a look at 💃

Amy 🖌

New beginnings…


So I’ve finally started my work at uni! I’m starting right at the beginning, stripping my work back and doing as much research as possible to back up my ideas. I’ve used the tape to lead to my installation but the tape isn’t leading towards the installation, it’s leading towards the exits, to reiterate the fact you wouldn’t want to stay in a hospital environment for a long period of time